The Hellions played the following live shows in London:

May 12th: The Nashville
May 13th: The Marquee
May 16th: The Greyhound W6
May 17th: The Electric Ballroom
May 20th: The Moonlight Club, Hampstead
May 23rd: Crawdaddy's, The Star, Croyden


Aug 22nd: Hellions play The Reading Festival


Aug.29th: Happy Birthday/Marcus Music Press Release:

Following his appearance at the Reading Festival with The Hellions, vocalist Nelson Rockerfeller has left the group to pursue a solo recording career under his real name, John Milner

A single, 'Strontium Sauna' featuring former PIL drummer Martin Atkins, and Andy Linklater (ex Dead Fingers Talk bassist) has already been recorded for the Happy Birthday Label, and release is scheduled for later this year.

Sep. 20th: NME Press Release:

The Hellions have lost their vocalist Nelson Rockerfeller, who's left the band to pursue a solo carrer under his real name of John Milner. With the help of ex PIL drummer Martin Atkins, he's already recorded a single titled 'Strontium Sauna' for release on the Happy Birthday label

Typically, this single never saw the light of day with Happy Birthday! It was however released on the B-side of the Purple Plum release - 'I Feel Free' (PUR 101)