Action faction play the following dates:

Jan 12th: Dingwall's, Camden, London
Jan 18th: Dingwall's, Camden, London, with Dirty Strangers
Feb 1st: Trent Park Polytechnic
Apr 1st: Dingwall's, Camden, London

John Milner does live sound: for:

Jan 17th: Nico at Dingwall's
Jan 28th: Khmer Rouge at Dingwall's
Jan 31st: Lee Sratch Perry at Dingwall's

Feb 18th: monitors for David Johanson (ex New York Dolls) at Dingwall's
Feb 19th: monitors for David Johanson (ex New York Dolls) at Dingwall's

Mar 6th: Dogs d'Amour at Dingwall's
Mar 7th: Khmer Rouge, Hammersmith Town Hall
Mar 15th: Lees Cliff Pavilion, Black Roots (monitors)
Mar 28th: Rayleigh, Black Roots (monitors)
Mar 29th: Stafford, Black Roots (monitors)
Mar 29th: Eastbourne Pier, Black Roots (monitors)

Jul 21st: The Dave Howard Singers, Colchester
Jul 30th: Twenty Flight Rockers, Dingwall's

Aug 9th: Beltane Fire, Dingwall's
Aug 15th: John Milner Auditions for 'Tne Waterboys'
Aug 30th: Dave Howard Singers, The Fridge, Brixton

Oct 1st This Virgin Deep recording 12" single 'who do you love?
Oct 1st: The Bolshoi, Dingwall's
Oct 3rd: Dave Howard, Riverside
Oct 10th: Twenty Flight Rockers, Dingwalls
Oct 20th: Orchid Waltz, Riverside
Oct 23rd: Orchid Waltz, Roof Gardens Kensington

Nov 4th: Sky West and Crooked, The Marquee
Nov 13th: Equestrian Statues, The Fridge
Nov 15th: Playn Jayn, The Marquee
Nov 22nd: 'Laugh in Fear' record live Severn Sound Session
Nov 30th: Mick Ronson and Sandy Dillon, The Fridge, Brixton

Dec 2nd: Laugh in Fear play The Pineholt Club, Hucclecote
Dec 10th: Sky West and Crooked, The Greyhoud Fulham
Dec 22nd: Laugh in Fear play The Barge, Semington