John Milner does live sound for:

Jan 10th: Sky West and Crooked,, The Greyhound
Jan 14th: Sky West and Crooked,,The Embassy
Jan 18th: Flowerpot Men, Leadmill, Sheffield
Jan 24th: Flowerpot Men,
Jan 26th: Pride of Passion, Marquee

Feb 10th: Violent Blue, Embassy
Feb 11th: Flowerpot Men, Zap, Brighton
Feb 12th: Flowerpot Men, Hastings

Feb 13th: Underground, Croyden

Mar 11th: Fields of the Nephalim, Dingwalls
Mar 15th: Sky West and Crooked, The Marquee
Mar 18th: Khmer Rouge, Dingwalls

Mar 18th: Photos for TVD, courtesy Mike Farmer

Apr 13th: Pride of Passion, The Marquee
Apr 15th: Recording of 'Who Do You Love' - 'This Virgin Deep'
Apr 25th; Sky West and Crooked, Kingston Poly

May 2nd: Sky West and Crooked, Marquee
May 3rd: Sky West and Crooked, South Thames Poly,(supporting 'Wall of Voodoo')
May 6th: Sky West and Crooked, Camden Palace
May 17th: Sky West and Crooked, Tottenham Speakeasy
May 30th: Steve Marriott, Dingwalls

Jun 10th: Sky West and Crooked, Dingwalls
Jun 20th: Pride of Passion, Nottingham University
Jun 21st: Sky West and Crooked, The Rock Garden
Jun 27th: Sky West and Crooked, Greyhound, Fulham
Jun 28th: Pride of Passion, The Marquee

Jul 3rd: Fuzzbox Tour, Nero's, Cardiff
Jul 5th: Fuzzbox Tour, Coliseum, St Austell
Jul 6th: Fuzzbox Tour, Town Hall, Cheltenham
Jul 7th: Fuzzbox Tour, Coasters, Brighton
Jul 8th: Fuzzbox Tour, Leeds Poly
Jul 9th: Fuzzbox Tour, Tiffany's, Newcastle
Jul 11th: Fuzzbox Tour, Royal Court, Liverpool
Jul 12th: Fuzzbox Tour, Manchester International
Jul 14th: Fuzzbox Tour, Town & Country
Jul 15th: Fuzzbox Tour, Bierkeller, Bristol

Jul 16th: Fuzzbox Tour, Rock City, Nottingham
Jul 18th: Sky West and Crooked, Fulham Greyhound
Jul 19th: Pride of Passion, The Lord Cecil
Jul 30th: Sky West and Crooked, The Rock Garden

Aug 7th: Zerra One, The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden
Aug 8th: Bappi Lahire, Wembley

Sep 1st: Pride of Passion, Mean Fiddler
Sep 14th: Pride of Passion, The Marquee
Sep 20th: WASP, T&C, (Whistle Test)
Sep 28th: Trouble Funk, T&C

Oct 1st: The Woodentops, Lyon
Oct 2nd: The Woodentops, Paris
Oct 3rd: The Woodentops, Renne
Oct 19th: Zerra One, Wexford
Oct 22nd: Zerra One, Clonmel
Oct 23rd: Zerra One, Limerick
Oct 24th: Zerra One, Dublin (x2)
Oct 26th: Zerra One, Cork

John Milner does live sound for Zerra One on the U-Vox Tour:

Nov 1st: Glasgow, Barrowlands
Nov 2nd: Edinburgh, Playhouse

Nov 3rd: Edinburgh, Playhouse
Nov 4th: Whitley Bay, Ice Rink
Nov 5th: London, Wembley Arena
Nov 6th: London, Wembley Arena
Nov 7th: Birmingham, NEC

Nov 8th: Birmingham, NEC
Nov 10th: Cardiff, St. Davids Hall
Nov 11th: St. Austell, Coliseum
Nov 12th: Brighton, Centre
Nov 13th: Poole, Arts Centre
Nov 14th: Oxford, Apollo

Nov 17th: The Flowerpot Men, Cardiff
Nov 20th: The Flowerpot Men, Portsmouth

Dec 12th; Pride of Passion, Astoria
Dec 22nd: Pride of Passion,
Mean Fiddler
Dec 23rd: Love Parade, Camden Palace