John Milner does live sound for:

Jan 19th: Pride of Passion, Dingwalls, Camden

Jan 22nd: Zerra One video shoot (Me as keyboard player!)

Jan 25th: Pride of Passion, Bull and Gate, Kentish Town
Jan 31st: Pride of Passion, Mean Fiddler, Harlesden

Feb 11th: Pride of Passion, Greyhound, Fulham
Feb 12th: Zerra One, Manchester
Feb 13th: Zerra One, Bristol
Feb 14th: Zerra One, JB's, Dudley
Feb 17th: The Flowerpot Men, Bristol
Feb 19th: Zerra One, The Marquee, London
Feb 22nd: Pride of Passion, 100 Club, London
Feb 23rd: The Flowerpot Men, Leadmill, Sheffield
Feb 24th: The Flowerpot Men, Basins, Portsmouth
Feb 26th: The Flowerpot Men, The Tramshed, Woolwich

Mar 3rd: Back to Back, Dingwall's, Camden
Mar 19th: Chiefs of Relief, Manchester Boardwalk
Mar 20th: Chiefs of Relief, Stafford College
Mar 21st: Chiefs of Relief, Bedford Boys Club
Mar 25th: Chiefs of Relief, Tropic Club, Bristol
Mar 26th: Chiefs of Relief, Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh
Mar 28th: Chiefs of Relief, Porterhouse, Retford

Apr 3rd: The Flowerpot Men, The Tube (TV)
Apr 10th: Pride of Passion, Mean Fiddler, Harlesden
Apr 11th: The Glitter Band, Retford Porterhouse
Apr 22nd: The Flowerpot Men, Adelphi, Hull
Apr 23rd: The Flowerpot Men, Riverside, Newcastle
Apr 25th: The Flowerpot Men, Moles Club, Bath

May 8th: Chiefs of Relief, Chelsea College
May 9th: Methun, Wembley
May 10th: Methun, Wembley
May 12th: Chatshow, Camden Palace
May 29th: The Flowerpot Men, Paradise Club, Reading
May 30th: Love Parade, The Astoria, London

Jun 5th: Love Parade, The Hippodrome, London
Jun 11th: The Flowerpot Men, The Zap Club, Brighton
Jun 12th: Chatshow, The Clarendon, London (supporting 'All About Eve')

Jul 7th: The Flowerpot Men, Camden Palace
Jul 14th: Love Parade, Camden Palace
Jul 22nd: Ordinary Man, The Rock Garden, London
Jul 23rd:
Ordinary Man, Moles Club, Bath
Jul 26th: Elysian Fields, The Marquee

Aug 7th: Ordinary Man, The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden
Aug 19th: Chatshow, Dingwall's, London
Aug 30th: Notting Hill Carnival

Aug 31st: Notting Hill Carnival

Sep 14th: Cry No More, Brighton Dome
Sep 15th: Cry No More, Oxford Apollo
Sep 16th: Cry No More, Free Trade Hall, Manchester
Sep 17th: Cry No More, Empire, Liverpool
Sep 19th: Cry No More, Queens Hall, Edinburgh
Sep 20th: Cry No More, Queens Hall, Edinburgh
Sep 21st: Cry No More, Pavilion, Glasgow
Sep 22nd: Cry No More, Aberdeen, Capitol
Sep 23rd: Cry No More, City Hall, Newcastle
Sep 29th: Cry No More, Bristol Hippodrome
Sep 30th: Cry No More, Irish Centre, Leeds

Oct 2nd: Cry No More, Lees Cliff Pavilion, Folkstone
Oct 3rd: Cry No More, UEA, Norwich
Oct 4th: Cry No More, Hexagon, Reading
Oct 5th: Cry No More, St David's Hall, Cardiff
Oct 6th: Cry No More, Rock City, Nottingham
Oct 7th: Cry No More, Corn Exchange, Cambridge
Oct 8th: Cry No More, Town Hall, Cheltenham
Oct 9th: Cry No More, Odeon, Hammersmith
Oct 15th: Cry No More, Queen's, Belfast
Oct 16th: Cry No More, Dublin Stadium
Oct 17th: Cry No More, Warwick, Galway
Oct 18th: Cry No More, Cork Opera House
Oct 21st: Blazing Apostles, The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden

Nov 3rd: Chatshow, The Marquee Club, London
Nov 10th: Telling Stories, The Greyhound, Fulham
Nov 17th: Telling Stories, Moles Club, Bath
Nov 22nd: Telling Stories, The Rock Garden, London

Dec 8th: Chatshow, Manchester University
Dec 9th: Chatshow, Leicester Polytechnic
Dec 10th: Hull University
Dec 11th: Newcastle Polytechnic
Dec 21st: Cry No More, Mean Fiddler, London