The Year


John Milner does live sound for 'The Swingle Singers':

Jan 20th: Palermo, Italy (Adieu a l’Italie)
Jan 21st: Messina, Italy
Jan 22nd: Messina, Italy (Adieu a l’Italie)
Jan 23rd: Messina, Italy (Adieu a l’Italie)
Jan 25th: Trapani, Italy
Jan 28th: Palmi, Italy

Feb 5th: Campione, Switzerland
Feb 7th: Modena, Italy
Feb 8th: Rome, Italy
Feb 9th: Vicenza, Italy
Feb 10th: Mantova, Italy
Feb 12th: Wokingham (Richard Hall - Charity)
Feb 18th: Enschede, Holland
Feb 19th: Utrecht, Holland
Feb 20th: Rotterdam, Holland
Feb 22nd: Hoorn, Holland
Feb 25th: Bussum, Holland
Feb 26th: Kerkrade, Holland
Feb 27th: Eindhoven, Holland

Mar 4th: Schaan, Lichtenstein
Mar 7th: Ahrensburg, Germany
Mar 8th: Berlin
Mar 9th: Cuxhaven - cancelled
Mar 10th: Hamburg
Mar 11th: Düsseldorf
Mar 17-31st: Recorded “The Story of Christmas”

Apr 5th: Varese, Italy (Adieu a l’Italie)
Apr 6th: Varese (Adieu a l’Italie)
Apr 8th: Lugano, Switzerland (Adieu a l’Italie)
Apr 10th: Forli, Italy (Adieu a l’Italie)
Apr 13th: Münster, Germany (Sinfonia)
Apr 14th: Münster, Germany (Sinfonia)
Apr 15th: Münster, Germany
Apr 19th: Caltanisetta, Italy
Apr 20th: Bassano, Italy
Apr 21st: San Dona di Piave, Italy
Apr 22nd: Treviso, Italy
Apr 28-29th: Record 'Story of Christmas'
Apr 30th: Brighton Convention Centre (Barbershop extravaganza)

May 2nd: Record 'Story of Christmas;
May 4th: Royal Festival Hall, London (Berio, Sinfonia, LPO)
May 28th: Auch, France

Jun 21st: Istanbul, Turkey
Jun 22nd: Istanbul, Turkey

Jul 11-29th: Record “Pretty Ring Time”

Aug 2-16th: Record “Pretty Ring Time”
Aug 19th: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Sep 22nd: Tel Aviv, Israel
Sep 24th: Beer Sheva (Serenade & Liebeslieder)
Sep 26th: Beer Sheva (Serenade & Liebeslieder)
Sep 27th: Beer Sheva (Serenade & Liebeslieder)

Oct 1st: Jerusalem (Serenade & Liebeslieder)
Oct 3rd: Jerusalem (Serenade & Liebeslieder)
Oct 4th: Tel Aviv (Serenade & Liebeslieder)
Oct 6th: Kvar Saba (Serenade & Liebeslieder)
Oct 9th: Chichester
Oct 14th: Coventry (KHVIII School)
Oct 23rd: Sevenoaks
Oct 31st: BBC Pebble Mill (recording)

Nov 7th: Agnes Scott College, Decatur GA
Nov 8th: Shippensburg Univ, Shippensburg PA
Nov 11th: Univ of Wyoming, Laramie WY
Nov 15th: Brussels (Adieu a l’Italie)
Nov 16th: Brussels (Adieu a l’Italie)
Nov 17th: Brussels (Adieu a l’Italie)
Nov 25th: Chicago (Sinfonia)
Nov 26th: Chicago (Sinfonia)
Nov 27th: Chicago (Sinfonia)
Nov 30th: Toronto (Sinfonia)

Dec 1st: Toronto, USA (Sinfonia)
Dec 2nd: Wayne PA, USA
Dec 13th: Seitoku Women’s University, Japan
Dec 15th: Nerima Bunka, Japan
Dec 16th: Akita, Japan
Dec 17th: Sendai, Japan
Dec 18th: Osaka, Japan
Dec 19th: Ube, Japan
Dec 22nd: Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Dec 23rd: Oji Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Dec 29th: Rättvik, Sweden
Dec 30th: Rättvik, Sweden (masterclass)
Dec 31st: Rättvik, Sweden (77 concerts)