live sound for 'The Magnets':

May 28th: Corporate, Köln, Germany
May 29th - 31st: Magnets, Germany

Jun. 1st - 2nd: Magnets, Germany
Jun. 3rd - 5th: Magnets, Barcelona, Spain
Jun. 6th: Doncaster
Jun. 7th: Birmingham

Jul. 9th: Siegen, Germany
Jul. 13th: Singen, Germany
Jul. 26th: Christchurch Park, Ipswich
Jul. 27th: St. Albans

Aug. 1st: Nordheim, Germany
Aug. 2nd: Pforzheim, Germany
Aug. 3rd: Lauchheim, Schloss Kapfenburg, Germany
Aug. 6th: Wesel, Germany
Aug. 7th - 9th: ARD TV show, Germany
Aug. 11th: Rottweil, Ferienzauber, Germany
Aug. 13th: Friedrichsdorf, Germany
Aug. 29th: Versmold, Germany

Sep. 12th: Mainz Sat3 Festival, Germany
Sep. 13th: Rostock, IGA, Germany
Sep. 14th: CBBC Proms in The Park, Hyde Park, London
Sep. 17th: Corporate, Kensington Roof Gardens, London
Sep. 21st: Langenau, Germany
Sep. 22nd: Corporate, Germany
Sep. 25th: Corporate, Erlebnisreich, Germany
Sep. 26th: Festival bei Bayreuth, Germany
Sep. 27th: Festival bei Bayreuth, Germany
Sep. 28th: Gütersloh, Germany
Sep. 29th: Düsseldorf, Germany

Oct. 1st: Düsseldorf, Germany
Oct. 2nd: Bayreuth, Germany
Oct. 3rd: Hof, Germany

Oct. 4th: Hof, Germany
Oct. 7th: Kiel, Kulturforum, Germany
Oct. 9th: Mainz, Germany
Oct. 10th: Spectaculum Mundi, Germany
Oct. 27th: Liverpool Philharmonic
(supporting Michael Ball)
Oct. 28th: Sheffield City Hall (supporting Michael Ball)
Oct. 29th: Corporate, Berlin, Germany
Oct. 30th: Corporate, Berlin, Germany

Nov. 2nd: Newcastle Telewest Arena (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 3rd: Blackpool Opera House (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 5th: York Barbican (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 6th: York Barbican (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 7th: Dortmund, Germany
Nov. 8th: Paderborn, Germany
Nov. 9th: Edinburgh Playhouse (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 10th: Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 13th: Hammersmith Apollo (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 14th: Mannheim, Germany
Nov. 15th: NEC, Birmingham (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 17th: Hippodrome, Bristol (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 19th: The Pavilions, Plymouth (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 20th: Bournmouth (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 21st: Mazda RX-8 launch, Germany
Nov. 22nd: Belgium
Nov. 24th: Manchester Apollo (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 26th: Halifax Victoria Hall (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 27th: Mazda RX-8 launch, Germany
Nov. 28th: Mazda RX-8 launch, Germany
Nov. 29th: Brighton Centre (supporting Michael Ball)
Nov. 30th: Portsmouth Guildhall (supporting Michael Ball)


Dec. 2nd - 4th: Moscow
Dec. 5th - 7th: Mazda RX-8 launch, Germany
Dec. 10th: Sargent Christmas Concert, Birmingham Symphony Hall
Dec. 11th: Vocal Workshop/Concert, Birmingham

Dec. 13th: Live Recording of 'United Christian Gospel Choir'
The Village Hall, Waterson Road, Chadwell St. Mary, R16 4LR


Dec. 15th: Post Production of Live Recording of 'United Christian Gospel Choir' at Novasonics