Stolen Pets:

Andy Linklater (bass), John Milner (vocals)

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The original Stolen Pets line-up was: John Milner (vocal), Paul Simon (drums), Andy Linklater (bass), Steve Tomlinson (guitar); I actually played 'Wasp' synth at the very beginning!. Paul Simon left before the record deal was signed, and was replaced by Mike Seaman (formerly with 'The Step'). We later acquired Cliff Stanbrook on keyboards. Steve Tomlinson was later replaced by Jock Hornby on guitar.

Stolen Pets signed to Carrere Records on Jan 18th 1982, and recorded two singles: 'Women in Cars' and 'Changes'. 'Women in Cars' was arguably the Pets best track, and was originally scheduled as the first single. Carrere (we found out later) had another release scheduled called 'Back Seat of My Car'. So they released 'Changes' as the first single, and 'Women in Cars' never saw the light of day!

After the band was dropped by Carrere, they carried on with John Giddings as their manager, and supported many name acts (Iggy Pop, the Go-Gos etc), and headlined the Marquee Club several times before running out of steam, and calling it a day.

John Milner and Cliff Stanbrook continued writing together, got a publishing deal with EMI, and formed Action Faction.

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