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Zhain ca. 1973 (left to right)

Tony Carter (drums), Rocky Norton (bass), John Milner (guitar, vocals)

This was the original line-up of 'Zhain'. Later, this line-up was augmented by the arrival of Keith Jordan (vocal). I (John Milner) left to do my PhD at Leeds and was replaced by Jock Hornby on guitar (who later played in the final incarnation of 'Stolen Pets'). I was later asked to rejoin, which I did! This last incarnation featured John 'Animal' Morrow on drums (see pic below), and continued until 1977, when the band moved down to London, and our equipment (which was uninsured!) was 'appropriated'!

Zhain ca. 1977 (left to right):
John Morrow (drums), Keith Jordan (vocal), Rocky Norton (bass), John Milner (gtr, vocal)

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